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Communities That Care

Williams Lake, Anahim Lake and Prince George

Communities That Care is a research-based and outcome-focused approach that brings together the whole community to promote positive youth development and engagement through proactive prevention programs and supports. It looks at the roots of problem adolescent behaviour such as substance abuse, violence and depression and enhances protective factors such as an increase in community support, addictions support, and positive peer association to mitigate the occurrence of crime or problem behaviour in youth. The program is tailored to the needs, issues and resources of each community.

A Communities That Care pilot program in Williams Lake and Anahim Lake was announcedLink to an external website Jan. 15, 2009.  It brings together the Social Planning Council of Williams Lake and Area and the City of Williams Lake Link to an external website with the goal of fostering positive youth development in Williams Lake and Anahim Lake.

On Feb. 13 a Communities That Care pilot program was also launched in Prince George.  A partnership between the Ministry of Children and Family Development Link to an external website and the City of Prince George Link to an external website, the program will focus on fostering inclusive and caring communities to support youth development.

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